Welcome to the Renegade Report Online


Sean Etter, Editor-in-Chief

Welcome to the new website of Shawnee High School’s own student-run newspaper, the Renegade Report! We here at the Report are happy to have a new outlet to bring up-to-date news to the Shawnee family in a timely fashion.

This is a guide to help you navigate the website quickly and easily so that you can locate the articles and stories you’re looking for.

First, we have the navigation menus, which is the grey bar beneath the Renegade Report logo. This menu has links to the main categories that stories are published under. Here’s a rundown of each category and what you will find under each one:

Recent News brings you to all of our most recent news stories and is updated regularly when new stories are added. Student Life contains stories that pertain specifically to Shawnee High School and it’s students. This includes student events like dances, One Book One School, and other things happening around our school.

Editorial brings you all of the editorials written by our staff. Teacher Spotlight includes articles about and interviews with Shawnee’s very own teaching staff. Politics is full of general news about what’s happening in America’s politics.

Videos and Slideshows are pretty self-explanatory: they feature videos from Shawnee TV and photos taken by the Shawnee Photography Club and our staff’s own Photographers. Finally, Archives is where we store old stories after a while. If you saw a featured story one week but can’t find it under any of the categories, then chances are it is in the Archives section.

On the black bar located at the very top page, you have options to view the site’s homepage, the staff page, an about page with information about the Renegade Report itself, and a submit a letter tab.

The Staff page brings you to a list of the Report’s staff members. Clicking on  a staff member’s name will bring you to their page, which features a photo, a quick bio about him or her, and a list of all the stories that that writer has posted to the site.

The Submit a Letter tab allows you to send our staff a note. Let’s say you want to schedule an interview or there’s a topic that you want us to write about. Just write a letter, give us your name and email, and send it. We’ll send you a follow up email as soon as we can.

Our home page features recent sports scores from in-season sports, polls, and the @ShawneeHSNJ Twitter feed.

That’s it. Remember to check back often for new stories, articles, and editorials. We’re excited to bring you plenty of new content now that the website is up. Happy reading!