Tips For Preventing Procrastination


Brendan Dunne, Writer

For me, procrastination is a big problem when I am given a large project or assignment. If I have a large amount of work, I sometimes cannot help but put it off until later. This, more often than not, gets me in trouble. Procrastination is a habit of mine that I have trouble trying to break. However, I am making an effort to solve my problem. I have developed some strategies in order to help myself and others deal with procrastination.

The first step in trying to stop procrastination is to get rid of your distractions. Sometimes, when I am in my room, I think about putting my assignment off and doing something else. Other times I put the TV on in the background only to become absorbed in the show and I forget about my work. My largest distraction, however, is my phone. I usually have it near me and I am often tempted to check it instead of do my work. So, in order to get your work done, you must get away from all of those things and just focus on your work.

Listening to music is usually okay, as long as you don’t focus on the lyrics more than your work. The best music to listen to while working is symphonic music or a movie soundtrack, sa they lack lyrics and thus present less of a distraction. It can be hard, but ridding yourself of distractions is a key step to beating procrastination.

A good way to deal with a lot of work is to complete a little bit each day. If you decide not to do any of your work until the day before the due date, your work will be sloppy and rushed, which will get you a lower score. Furthermore, leaving your work until the last possible day can result in sleep deprivation, which is one major cause of procrastination. In order to avoid panicking to get all of your work done in one night, you should spread your work out over several days.

For example, if you have a project due in a week, you should do a little bit of work each of the seven days that you have for the assignment. This will make the workload seem smaller, and it will provide you with a schedule to make sure that there is plenty of time to complete all assignments due. Doing your work little by little each day can make your work much more manageable.

In order to want to do do work, try rewarding yourself.  If you reward yourself for getting an assignment completed, it will encourage you to finish it earlier. Ideas for rewards include snacks, TV time, and phone time, among others. Also, remember that rewards should only be in small bursts. This is to avoid the risk of doing one assignment, then finishing for the night without doing anything else. Rewards can offer that push to get you to want to complete your due assignments.

Always remember to never be afraid to ask for help. If your workload is extremely overwhelming, it may be a good idea to ask a friend for help, if they are able. I do not condone copying off of another person’s work, but some advice from someone who is or was in the same situation as you could prove to be very helpful.

Also, if they can help, you could ask a parent or other family member for advice. Your parents have gone through school before, so they have experience with homework. Working on an assignment on your own can be very hard, so always remember that it is fine to seek advice from others in you need it.

I have put these strategies to use in my everyday life. They have helped me greatly in completing my schoolwork. If this helped you, then please share this with your friends. Also, if you are still having problems with procrastination, you may want to consider visiting websites like or others to find further information on preventing procrastination.

I hope you found these tips useful.