One Book One Winner – Crossover vs Hidden Figures

Erika Adamson, Writer

Dissatisfied with last year’s summer reading? Or simply wish you had a say in this year’s book? It isn’t too late to make your voice heard.

Tomorrow, May 2nd, is the last day students can vote on the LRHSD summer reading. The choice is between Kwame Alexander’s The Crossover and Margot Lee Shetterly’s Hidden Figures. Students are highly encouraged to vote, as they will be expected to read the winning book. This is also the first year it will be district-wide instead of school-wide.

The Crossover is a novel about twin basketball stars who are rather close, despite their differences. Over several months they face problems both on and off the court that threaten their tight relationship. Written in verse, The Crossover is full of action and energy.

Hidden Figures is a nonfiction story about a group of African American female mathematicians who helped America send a man into space. It was recently adapted as an Academy Award-nominated movie. Hidden Figures tells a little-known yet fascinating part of American history.

Students can find the link on the Shawnee website. A form was also sent to LRHSD emails. Time is running out, so be sure to vote.