Renegade Review: Dragon Ball FighterZ

Alex Volkerijk, Writer

Dragon Ball FighterZ is the latest game from Arc System Works Co., LTD, the Japanese video game company famous for its competitive fighting games. The Dragon Ball series, known for its high-intensity battles and endearing characters, has run for over thirty years and been a global phenomenon with millions of fans across the world. The series has had many games, but this one could be the greatest yet.

But how is the game really?

The biggest highlight of the game is that it is extremely exciting three versus three battles, precise fighting gameplay, arena-destroying ultimate attacks, and unique characters. Each fighter is painstakingly crafted to be distinct and fun to use, with no one having an advantage over the other. In a series of characters that can destroy mountains with a punch, the game feels like it accurately captures the level of power these characters have.

However, the weakest element of the game is its story mode. It is unnecessarily long, painfully repetitive, and overall just boring. The only reason to get through all the tedious battles is the cut-scenes. Under the right circumstances, these scenes have many funny interactions between characters that would never meet normally.

This is all made up for however by the competitive nature of the game. This is not a game to be played for an engaging story and deep characters. This is a game meant to play for challenging rivals, settling scores, and proving yourself a champion in the ring of combat. These high energy battles give a thrill like none other. The game also sports an incredibly large amount of room for learning and getting better at it. The competitive scene may be intimidating at first, but the satisfaction of improving, learning your favorite characters, and mastering combos, combined with the sweet taste of victory after you send your opponent flying into a mountain or blasted into oblivion by a giant beam of energy, make it all so worth it.

If you like competitive games or games with a high level of skill involved, you’ve found the perfect game.