New Teacher: Mrs. Lamorgese


Jaida Topuzoglu

As a new year of Shawnee dawns upon us, a new group of teachers joins our staff! The Shawnee Renegades are proud to welcome Mrs. Krista Lamorgese into our English Department.

Mrs. Lamorgese is formerly a teacher at Bishop Eustace Preparatory School for 24 years. Regarding her time at Shawnee so far, Mrs. Lamorgese says, “I love it here! Everyone is so friendly, welcoming, and helpful.” However, at first, Mrs. Lamorgese says she was very nervous because she had been teaching at Bishop Eustace for so long and a new change was scary. “[Transferring] was a leap of faith, I had been at Bishop Eustace for a long time but this change is the best thing I’ve ever done.” So far, her favorite thing about Shawnee is meeting new students and faculty. Currently, Mrs. Lamorgese is not an advisor for any clubs or activities, but she hopes to soon “…coach and be a class moderator.”

Mrs. Lamorgese has been married to her husband for 24 years and has two children; her son, Nick, age 22, is a senior at LaSalle University, and her daughter, Frankie, age 15, goes to Camden Catholic High School. Some of Mrs. Lamorgese’s hobbies include watching her children’s sports games, reading, and working out.

Mrs. Lamorgese went to college at Glassboro State University, Rowan University, and now Thomas Edison University. In an interview, Mrs. Lamorgese mentions that English has always been her favorite school subject and loves literature. “I’ve always wanted to teach, but [my English teacher] was what inspired me enough to pursue this career,” Mrs. Lamorgese mentions regarding what inspired her to become a teacher.

We are proud to welcome Mrs. Lamorgese into the Shawnee family and hope her career here as a Renegade is filled with lots of laughs and  fun!