New Teacher: Mr. O’Keefe


Abigail Micklewright, Writer

A new school year means new teachers, and I happened to speak with Daniel O’Keefe, a new math teacher. If you’re taking a geometry or algebra II course this year, he might be your teacher! I’m actually one of his students, so I thought that this would be a fun way to get to know him better.

Mr. O’Keefe went to Marist College, where he pursued his dreams of being a teacher. Before attending Marist, he had attended Seneca high school. During high school, Mr. O’Keefe was involved in the Math club, the School play, National Honor Society, Seneca Bird’s Nest, and Lacrosse. He stated that he loved his high school experience because of all the activities he participated in. After graduating from Marist, he went back to his old high school to teach. Which had eventually led him here, to Shawnee!

However, teaching was not Mr. O’Keefe’s first job. He had actually served ice cream at Evergreen Dairy Bar for his first job. Mr. O’Keefe says that so far he loves Shawnee. Especially all of the school spirit consistent throughout both the student body and the staff. He’s currently not involved in any activities around the school but he’s looking to participate anywhere he can!

He doesn’t have a wife, kids, or any pets, but he enjoys spending his free time watching television and sports, coaching, and eating. He especially loves linguine and red clam sauce. Which he likely enjoyed while watching his favorite sports teams battle it out this summer. Over the summer alongside spending a lot of time in upstate New York, playing golf, and taking a vacation to Nashville!

I think I can speak for all of Shawnee when I say that we are very excited to be going forward into this upcoming school year with him. We’re happy to have you, Mr. O’Keefe!