New Teacher: Danielle Holcombe


Brendan Dunne, Writer

This year, Shawnee High school is happy to welcome Danielle Holcombe to Shawnee’s teaching staff! Mrs. Holcombe attended Shawnee High School, and while a student here, participated in cheerleading, SADD, and Newspaper Club. Mrs. Holcombe enjoyed her time at Shawnee High School and her relationships with her friends and teachers (although she admits that she enjoyed her junior year and all of the testing a little bit less). After graduating Rowan University, Mrs. Holcombe originally thought of becoming a nurse. However, when that career path didn’t take off, she knew that she wanted to work with kids. She became a teacher at Lenape High School and later transferred over to Shawnee High School.

Mrs. Holcombe is very excited be an English teacher here at Shawnee! Each day, she enjoys seeing the hard-working students do their best. She also says that she enjoys the constant support of the other teachers at Shawnee. She especially enjoys the sports and activities, and is looking forward to coaching the Dance Team and the Cheerleading Team this year! When asked about what the best part about being here at Shawnee was, she said, “My favorite part about being here at Shawnee is meeting new people and getting the opportunity to to help each and every one of my students reach their full potential.”

Mrs. Holcombe got married recently on September 10th. She has now been with her husband for 2 weeks! Some other things Mrs. Holcombe has done over the summer are going to the beach, moving into a new house, and training her puppy. The name of her puppy
is Riley, and Riley is a chocolate lab. Mrs. Holcombe enjoys reading, exercise, and caring for Riley. In the future, Mrs. Holcombe says that she would like to try to be a superintendent, and aspires to help many students learn and grow.