New Teacher: Michael Osmond


Kiley Rubright, Writer


Welcome to Shawnee, Mr. Osmond!  Mr. Osmond is a new art/photo teacher here at Shawnee, and I decided to ask him a couple of questions as a new Renegade.


RR: Where did you go to college?

Mr. Osmond: High Point University

RR: Are you married? If so, how long? Any kids or pets?

Mr. Osmond: I have been married for 6 years with 3 boys. Twins that are 4, and a 2 year old as well. We had a dog for 12 years and are almost ready for another!!

RR: Where did you go to high school? What activities were you involved in?

Mr. Osmond: I graduated Shawnee High School in 1994 and I played soccer and switched to football my senior year.

RR: Did you like your own high school experience? Best thing? Worst thing?

Mr. Osmond:  I loved my experience here and the friends that I made is by far the best thing. (They are still my best friends) Worst thing? Math and Science. Those classes kept me up at night. Sometimes they still do.

RR: Did you always want to be a teacher?

Mr. Osmond: No. I was a chef and I thought that is what I would do for the rest of my life. Cooking is rewarding for hours at a time but teaching can be rewarding for the rest of one’s life.

RR: What school did you transfer from?

Mr. Osmond: Steinert High School in Hamilton, New Jersey.

RR: How do you like Shawnee so far?

Mr. Osmond: It’s a great environment to be a part of.

RR: And finally, what activities are you a part of here?

Mr. Osmond: Art Club and assistant Boys’ Lacrosse coach.


Mr. Osmond is a really fun teacger to talk to and be around, and I am so glad to have him here at Shawnee! Thank you for joining the Renegade family!