2017 Presidential Inauguration Preview


Eric Schubert, Editor


On January 20th, Donald J. Trump will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, defying all odds and breaking the status quo of an American President. Winning the biggest upset political election in American history, his inauguration has been in the works for months, being planned down to the last detail. Everything is planned to go smoothly, with many guest speakers and singers attending, performing, and speaking.

But, naturally, marches and protests are expected – as of mid December 2016, there were 20 planned demonstration permits for his inauguration. That does not count “spur of the moment” marches, however, but Trump and his team have said that these marches will not get in the way of the inauguration and will be dealt with swiftly, if they are causing a hazard or safety issue.


Of course, demonstrating and protesting is part of every Americans right, but this inauguration is one that is believed to be on high alert and security, due to the unpopularity of the President – elect. This was an obstacle that would have been the same if Hillary Clinton was elected, as both Secretary Clinton and President – elect Trump have high unpopularity ratings.


His rival in the election, Secretary Clinton, will be attending the inauguration as well as a few past presidents. George H.W. Bush, aged 92, will not be attending due to health issues. That following Monday the 22nd, Trump is saying that he will hit the ground running in his nonstop efforts to please his supporters and the country. He has expressed genuine concern, as a President should, in really having a positive and meaningful presidency and plans to start immediately on the 22nd. This inauguration is one will go down in the history books, for sure!