President – Elect Trump Press Conference


Eric Schubert, Editor

Donald Trump had his first major press conference as President – Elect  on the 11th, almost two months after Election Day. The conference was mainly centered by the press around the unverified and un fact – checked dossier that was leaked by Buzzfeed days before, that ate up the news cycle.

President – Elect Trump was quick to dismiss the claims against him, which again are unverified and un fact – checked. He got into a shouting match with CNN Reporter Jim Acosta, after the persistence of Acosta calling after Trump as he refused to answer a question for the CNN reporter – this exchange led to the now famous “You are fake news!” saying, that Trump repeatedly called out to Acosta.

Besides this moment, President – Elect Trump went over possible conflicts of interest with the Trump Organization and how they will be resolved before he takes the Oath of Office on the 20th. Some other moments in the press conference included talks about Obamacare and how Trump plans for it to be repealed and replaced, how the Border Wall will be built and who will pay for it, and who President – Elect Trump plans to place on the Supreme Court.

This press conference gives an insight into how future press conferences will go under a Trump administration – it is unknown when his first press conference as President will be, but I am sure it will be an interesting one!