The Governor’s Race Is Heating Up

Eric Schubert, Editor

The New Jersey Governor’s Race is shaping up to be slightly more interesting than originally thought, with local news outlets reporting which candidates are gaining and falling in the early polls. 

Democratic candidate Phil Murphy seems to be polling as the Democratic front-runner, while Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno is polling as the likely Republican front-runner, according to a Fairleigh Dickinson University Poll conducted in January. However, it is very important to not “open and shut” this poll with the assumption that Kim Guadagno and Phil Murphy will be going up against each other in November, as it is noted in these polls that 50% of Democratic voters are undecided along with 52% of undecided Republican voters.

These undecided voters will tip the scale in the primary elections, and will most definitely control whether New Jersey stays red for Kim Guadagno or goes blue for Phil Murphy this year. A new, early Quinnipiac poll shows Democratic candidate Murphy crushing Guadagno, 45-29.

I cannot stress enough how early these polls are being conducted, as so many are still undecided. In terms of advertising, I’ve not personally seen any television advertisements yet, but I have seen social media advertising by candidates on both sides, especially on Twitter. It is still early, but Kim Guadagno and Phil Murphy have been throwing attacks. According to, Guadagno is accusing Murphy of comparing the President to Hitler due to public comments that he’s made.With what has been seen and said already, this year’s race for the Governor’s mansion will be an interesting one!