Rogue One Review

The highly anticipated Star Wars spin-off movie Rogue One has finally hit theaters.  After the massive success of The Force Awakens, Disney announcing that their next movie would be a spin-off of the main story and a prequel to the original movie was met with mixed reactions.

With many people thinking this film is nothing but a cash grab and reports of massive reshoots, no one knew exactly what to expect.

The movie is Directed by Gareth Edwards, who recently directed Godzilla, and stars Felicity Jones, who plays the lead role of Jyn Erso who leads a rebel operation to find the Death Star.

I came out of the theater feeling that this movie blew my expectations. 

The movie starts slowly with a lot of characters and exposition but soon picks up with an exciting pace leading to an amazing final act. The best part of the film is the characters. A diverse and talented cast of characters, each with their own backstory and development, united against a common enemy in the Empire lead to many interesting and entertaining character interactions. 

The highlight of this cast is K-2SO, a droid voiced by Alan Tudyk who steals almost every scene he’s in with witty and funny lines. The final act of this movie will have your heart pounding as the story transforms from a space fantasy to a gritty war movie. 

Overall, this is a quality movie that is deserving of its place in the Star Wars franchise.