The President’s Cabinet

Eric Schubert, Editor

In addition to President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, 23 people will be serving as members of our 45th President’s Cabinet to complete the new presidential administration. These cabinet members include political insiders and outsiders, generals, and, some would say, a few unusual picks.

Many of the nominated cabinet members have been confirmed by the Senate, but others have not due to filibusters and obstructions by Democrats on the Senate floor.

Some of his more prominent and important picks include the following individuals who, as of the writing of this article, have been confirmed by the Senate:

Rex Tillerson, Secretary of State;

James Mattis, Secretary  of Defense;

Jeff Sessions, Attorney General;

John Kelly, Secretary of Homeland Security.

There are 16 others in the Cabinet besides these listed individuals, but these are the more prominent picks that are more likely to have an impact on what is currently going on in the nation.

Only a few more picks remain waiting for a vote on the Senate Floor, and it is expected that a vote will occur within the next day or so. The question of how many Democrats will vote for these last few cabinet picks is up for grabs, as many of them are expected to pass with a handful of Democratic votes, in part due to how less political the work that they will be doing is.

It is definitely unprecedented to have a President with an incomplete cabinet almost a month after the presidential inauguration, so it will be interesting to see when and if the last picks of our President’s cabinet are confirmed on the Senate Floor.