Renegames 2017 Recap


Aidan Khelil, Writer

Shawnee High School hosted the 2017 Renegames on Friday, May 12. During the opening ceremony, the teams from each grade level competed in various relay races, including a three-legged race, an egg balance race, sports-themed races, and more.
After the opening ceremony, students were free to roam the open campus. Available to all students were inside and outside sports activities, inflatable obstacle courses, a video game truck, campus scavenger hunts, and much more. Ice cream trucks were incredibly busy, as large groups of students queued outside to get their Mr. Softee.

As the open campus time drew to a close, all students were called back to the football stadium to witness the closing ceremonies. These included, among other things, the much-anticipated tug-of-war between the grades. The seniors managed to win it all, even out-muscling the teachers when pitted against them.

The final scores of all the grades went in decreasing age order, with the seniors grabbing the win, the juniors coming in second, the sophomores finishing third, and the freshman ending up in fourth. Overall, Renegames was a great experience, and one that students will be looking forward to next year.