How to prepare for Disney

Owen Volkerijk, Writer

The Senior Class trip to Disney World is quickly approaching. The senior class will be leaving on March 30th, and for many this will be their first time on a big vacation on their own. This trip will go much more smoothly if you come prepared. Here are some tips to have the best Disney experience:


Bring your own money.

While you will get vouchers for food the school recommends that you bring two hundred to three hundred dollars of your own money. This is to spend on souvenirs and extra meals and any number of things. While this is not a required amount to bring it will give your more choices in what you can eat and buy.


Prepare to be wet.

Whether it’s due to rain, water parks, or any of the water themed rides chances are you are going to get wet. You can bring a towel or use one of the drying stations for a small fee. It’s no fun to walk around Disney in wet shoes so bring a spare pair.


Plan your days.

You will be spending a week in Disney so you will have a chance to see almost everything Disney has to offer. It is best make a plan on what you will do each day in order to get the most out of your Disney  experience. You don’t want to spend your days waiting in lines and wandering around the park. If you plan where and when you will be going before each day you will get the most out of each day.


Prepare for different weather.

No one can guarantee what the weather will be like when you finally get down to Disney so you should prepare for all possibilities. Obviously it will be hot so bringing sunscreen and a hat is recommended. Bringing a raincoat or poncho will be effective ways to prepare for rain.