New Shawnee Wellness & Nutrition Club

Eric Schubert, Editor

A new club here at Shawnee has emerged, led by Family and Consumer Science teacher Ms. Amy in Room B100. The club is focusing on wellness and nutrition for its members, as the name suggests. I talked with Ms. Amy about her goals for the club and what she wants to accomplish.

In our interview, Ms. Amy said, “This club is geared to students who are interested in achieving and maintaining optimum levels of health and fitness. There will be both a nutritional and physical component to this group.”

She explained, “I have several ideas that I am running past the group, that include revising recipes to create a healthier version, such as chili. We can make it with turkey or chicken instead of beef. We can add onions, peppers, and carrots. Add black beans and corn, low-fat cheese, and sour cream. Using fresh herbs and spices will add healthy phytochemicals and antioxidants. Make a side of brown rice and you have a delicious dish that is good for you. A new favorite recipe. We will also make Super Green Smoothies!”
Besides food related activities, the second name of the club, Wellness, cannot be forgotten! Ms. Amy informed me that “We are planning to learn 5-minute yoga routines. Relax with meditation. 20-minute power walks with friends. Learn to use Fitness Pal and find other apps. I am happy to hear the ideas the club members have.”
Some great ideas are being thrown around here by Ms. Amy. She told me that she is “very excited about this club’s potential. I want this to be a fun and informative club for everyone, including me!”
If you’re interested, make sure to stop by a club meeting on Day 3, every other week, in Room B100!