French Elections 2017

Eric Schubert, Editor

The brutal battle for the French presidency was finalized yesterday, with left-leaning centrist Emmanuel Macron, of the En Marche Party, beating right-leaning candidate Marine Le Pen, of the National Front Party, in the second and final round of French voting. The final vote percentage was 66.1% to 33.9% with 99% of results being reported, according to the French Interior Ministry.

Never holding elected office, Mr. Macron certainly has some experience roadblocks to overcome after he is inaugurated on Sunday, May 14th, and as he replaces incumbent but historically unpopular President Francois Hollande, Macron will become the youngest President of France to date.

Speaking to his supporters after the victory, Macron urged unity among the French people and promised to defend France, its vital interests, its image, and its message.

His opponent, Ms. Le Pen, took the loss gracefully in her concession speech, even going dancing and celebrating with supporters afterwards.

In an interview with Slate, Jeremy Harding, a novice follower of French politics and a London journalist, said that Marine Le Pen will only be stronger in 2022, and the chances of a President Le Pen are definitely high. In Le Pen’s concession speech, she told her supporters that her party, the National Front, will be undergoing a revolutionary change over the next five years – a reinvention. This, many believe, is Marine laying the groundwork for a stronger and possibly more successful run in 2022.

President Trump and many other world leaders wished President-Elect Macron the best of luck and success in his upcoming five years as President shortly after the results were finalized.