Meet The Mayor – Charles Watson


Eric Schubert, Editor

In the second installment of our spotlight articles on local government officials, I talked with Medford Mayor Mr. Charles “Chuck” Watson a few days ago about his life as the Mayor. Here are some of our questions and answers that were discussed.

1) How long have you been mayor?

“I am currently in my 2nd term as Mayor. I was mayor in 2015 and was again elected by the council to be mayor this year. In Medford, you run for office to be a council member, and the council then chooses a mayor from the current council.”

2) Do you feel that, so far, you have made a difference in the community?

“I do. This being my 6th year on council I believe we have accomplished a lot, and Medford is in a better place than before I took office in 2012 with 4 other new council members.”

3) What is your biggest achievement in Medford to date?

“As a councilman, I have been part of a team that took office with a budget deficit of over 6 million dollars, and we turned that deficit into a surplus of nearly 2 million dollars in a few short years. Increased services, a revitalized Main Street, and millions of dollars in road repairs, infrastructure, and emergency equipment are only a few of the things that were accomplished without a tax increase the last 5 years. As mayor, I am proud of the way we run our meetings. I insist that residents are allowed their voice without interruption and with respect.”

4) What would you say to someone who would like to possibly run for mayor in a few years?

“Do it for the right reason, which is to make our town a better place to live, work, and raise families, and do it with all you have. It needs to be a priority, not just a title.”

5) What are the things you enjoy most about being the mayor?

“Interacting with the residents. I get invited to a lot of functions, get to speak to residents at our meetings, and just talk to them on the street. I love to hear what they love about Medford and even what they think can be done better. It all helps us make the decisions that are best for all of the residents.”

Thanks to Mayor Watson for answering the Renegade Report’s questions!