A Sweet Promposal

Maggie McNeil, Writer

With Shawnee high school’s prom this coming Friday, everyone is searching for that perfect date for their perfect night. So to woo that lovely lady or lass, students have been coming up with clever, cute ways to ask that special someone to prom. These inventive methods of asking are commonly known as the promposal. Promposals are somewhat similar to a marriage proposal with its creativity, save the lifelong commitment.

A few weeks ago in April, student Nick Rich asked Julia Unger to prom using an original and adorable promposal. With the help of Ms. Amy, a teacher of Family Consumer Science, he hid a note that read “Prom?” along with chocolates and a bouquet of flowers in the classroom refrigerator. On top of that, an image was flashed on the projection screen of him holding the same sign asking Julia to prom. Though he wasn’t there to see Julia’s reaction, the endearing promposal had charm none the less and Julia said yes. If you want to see the video of Nick and Julia’s promposal click below!