The Race For Governor


Eric Schubert, Editor

The race for who will replace our incumbent Governor Chris Christie is just days away as we head into Election Day. Governor Christie ends his 8 years of Governor on a low note, with record unpopularity and numerous scandals. His Lieutenant Governor, Kim Guadagno, is the Republican nominee. Former Ambassador to Germany and former Goldman Sachs employee Phil Murphy is the Democratic nominee.

It’s no secret to those following this race that Murphy is, bluntly, expected to crush Guadagno in the general election by at least 15%. After all, NJ is historically a primarily blue Democratic state. However, internal campaign polling has Guadagno only trailing by 8%, with that gap supposedly closing day by day. Guadagno has been campaigning heavily, while Murphy has been staying rather silent. Perhaps because he believes he has the race locked up? It will be either a very eventful or uneventful Election Day.

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