Five Must-Haves for the Modern Woman’s Dorm

Leah Lentz

College commit season is here! As seniors prepare to depart for college, here are five things that every modern woman needs to bring with her to her dorm.

Running Sneakers

Fitness is a trend, but running and walking is always a great way to get places. A good pair of running shoes can last you years, and they can be worn anywhere. I wear these little white Gola brand sneakers, but any shoes will do (most are available at DSW). Pro Tip: Don’t buy fashion! Fashion won’t help you when it’s dark out!

A Punching Bag

Do you kickbox? Are you looking to start? Even if you don’t and you aren’t, a punching bag in the room carries with it the implication that the girl within knows how to throw a good punch. The ideal punching bag is quiet and small enough that it won’t bug your roommate when you get a nice kick in there. You can even get the baby ones that hang from the ceiling or doorway. 

Modest Clothing

Even if your school doesn’t have the BYU Morality Clause (which is in keeping with LDS beliefs), modest clothing is always a good thing to keep on hand as a young woman in college. If you wear such garments to parties (provided you are a AA cup), they can’t blame you for it, and you can wear them anywhere! Work, school, solo meetings with professors. They even provide convenient hiding places for necessary self-defense items. 

Plan B Pills

A MUST for any girl in a red state! With recent news that Roe v. Wade is expected to be overturned, thus returning the power to criminalize abortion to the states, contraceptives such as Plan B and The Pill are almost necessary for girls in states where abortion is expected to be near outlawed (These states are: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota,Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming). Besides the 22 listed, Florida, Indiana, Montana, and Nebraska are expected to pass anti-abortion legislation. Rule of thumb: If the state leans red, Roe v. Wade’s probably dead. 

A Vogue Subscription

Vogue runs a $12 for 12 months program, and this comes with a tote bag, which helps those of us that are moving to no-bag-cities or states. It’s also a very cute tote bag, and Vogue magazine, for all its infamy, is a great magazine. And you can rip the pages out to use as wall decor.

College is a new territory with lots of new, dangerous people. But also lots of fun people. Don’t be afraid to have fun, so long as you always have an out. Find those blue light systems, Know Your IX, and do some damage.