Super Mario Odyssey Preview

Patrick Schmal, Writer

The major announcement of the newest and soon to be released Nintendo game, Super Mario Odyssey, has proven to continue the popular legacy of Super Mario. Nintendo released the trailer of the next generation of the vastly popular Super Mario franchise at the 2017 E3 (also known as the Electronic Entertainment Expo) in mid-June. Ever since the trailer’s release, talk of the game and its impending release has increased. Nintendo has contributed to the hype by unveiling more details about Super Mario Odyssey.

Like many other Super Mario games, Odyssey involves a plot that consists of the main antagonist (Koopa King Bowser) kidnapping the damsel in distress (Princess Peach) and the main protagonist (Mario) winding and weaving through various different, exciting, and interesting worlds. As Mario travels from world to world in an attempt to save the princess, he uses his wide rage of moves, such as high jumps and ground pounds, to clear obstacles and defeat Bowser’s army of minions. He also uses his new move in which he throws his iconic red cap, which is now possessed by a friendly spirit named Cappy, at his enemies. When Mario throws his cap at enemies, such as Goombas, Bullet Bills, and Koopas, he is able to possess and control them, allowing him to strategically maneuver throughout levels.

So far, Super Mario Odyssey is looking like it will be a terrific game that will continue the astounding and ever growing legacy of the Super Mario franchise. Odyssey just might prove to show generations to come the stunning, whacky, and wildly entertaining journeys of Super Mario.