Alpha Orionis A.K.A Betelgeuse

Patrick Schmal, Writer

Ever wonder what happens when a star dies?

The vast star Betelgeuse (named after the Michael Keaton character “Beetlejuice”) part of the “Orion” constellation and can be easily seen with the naked eye. The bright reddish star has fascinated scientists worldwide because of its age; Betelgeuse is less than 10 million years old but sits more than 640 light-years away which is approximately 3.762 to the 15th power miles.

Recently scientists have noticed that Betelgeuse has begun to enter the ending stages of a star’s life, the red dwarf phase. However, Betelgeuse has become a giant red dwarf star. After its current phase, Betelgeuse will become a supernova and implode on itself, allowing scientists to closely observe a supernova and enabling them to make new scientific discoveries.

Many astronomers do not know how the supernova of Betelgeuse will directly affect Earth and its inhabitants. Only time can tell, but hopefully, the supernova will be extremely scientifically beneficial.

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