Renegade Review: Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Alex Volkerijk, Writer

The massive juggernaut of a franchise, Call of Duty, is back with another installment. Call of Duty is still the same point and shoot military action game that it has been for years, so let’s get into the new things in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 developed by Treyarch.

The Multiplayer.
The gameplay in multiplayer is still very much unchanged. Fast paced gunplay and the most straightforward strategy of being an action movie hero are the staple elements that make these games so successful. There are multitudes of weapons, gear, special abilities, and other methods of obliterating your opponents. In the base multiplayer modes, each class, or in this game Specialist, has unique abilities for different situations. Some are good for defending objectives and pushing forward, some support their teammates with enemy positions and supplies, and some tears through the battlefield with firepower. Each specialist fits a different play style, so the multiplayer is always fun and exciting.

The heart and soul of the Black Ops franchise, Zombies is back and better than ever. Team up with up to four players to battle wave after wave of undead monsters. Black Ops 4’s zombie mode now offers the stories of the undead on the Titanic, and a battle for a survival in an ancient coliseum, which brings together themes from several mythologies with temples to Odin, Zeus, Ra, and other mythological figures. With the new weapons and abilities, zombies are sure to be a fun and hectic time for any group of friends.

With the boom of the battle-royale genre, Call of Duty takes a dip into game mode as well with Blackout. 80 players all spawn on the same large island map, flying over in a straight line. Players choose where they land with wingsuits and parachutes, and look for loot and gear in several large locations, or buildings scattered throughout the map. Each large location is based on a multiplayer map from the Black Ops franchise. There are several ways to play Blackout, including solo, in a duo or a four-man squad. With the high-intensity action of Call of Duty, this mode can lead to many high tension situations, where the most prepared prevail. Blackout is a fun experience and is a great time with friends. By yourself, the game is much more intense, with danger around every corner that can send your heart racing.

Overall, Black Ops 4 is a great entry in the Call of Duty franchise. Treyarch definitely improved on the complaints with Black Ops 3 and added many fun features that should satisfy all Call of Duty Fans.