Shawnee Saves Lives: 2019 Blood Drive


Rachel Piazza, Editor

On Friday December 6, Shawnee students and staff gathered in the gym for a blood drive. The drive was run by Mrs. Fanourgakis and student council.

201 students donated blood and out of that 201, 159 pints of blood were collected. According to Mrs. Fanourgakis”, “one pint of blood saves three lives.” 159 pints will save 477 lives.

This blood is donated to the American Red Cross’ main branch in Philadelphia, and is later distributed to hospitals all around the country.

Student council president, Lucy Clapperton thinks that the ability to host such successful blood drives in our own school is “really special because not a lot of high schools get that opportunity.” Lucy also thinks “it’s a good cause for kids to be getting involved in.”

Lucy claims donating blood is important. “There’s a lot more people out there that need it than you think. Anytime you have surgery you need a lot of blood.” She mentions how “you never know when you’re going to need it later in life, or even a family member.”

Giving blood is painless and quick. Shawnee sophomore Ava says she gave one pint of blood and “it only hurt to get my finger pricked.” Ava says she feels great and exclaims, “I just saved three lives!”

The next drive will be on February 21st. Mrs. Fanourgakis encourages all Shawnee students, “Please sign up to donate! ”