Frozen 2: The long awaited sequel

Emmeline Weimer, Staff writer

    Disney’s Frozen Franchise recently expanded with the release of Frozen 2. Fans, from toddlers to teens, have been waiting for this release for six years.

           From the start of the movie, the seamless animations pull you into the world of Elsa and Anna. Olaf, has taken a philosophical route, and even has a song called, “When I am Older.” His best known line being “Samantha,” Olaf added great comedy to an otherwise bittersweet movie. Anna and Kristoff’s relationship has escalated since the past movie. Throughout the story Kristoff tries to propose to Anna, he even sings an 80s style song. 

    The group travels to a secret enchanted forest, hoping to discover the origin of Elsa’s powers. They meet many new characters and meet their parents friends and family.  The sisters study more about their parents death and backgrounds; thanks to several flashbacks, viewers may discover the even sadder truth about the orphans’ injury. While there’s a supply of humor and great melodious numbers, the sequel is at the end of the day a bit more intense than the previous film.

Stars featured in this film include, Kristin Bell, Indina Menzel, Jonathan Groff, and Josh Gad. There was a new artist added in this film, Aurora, a Norwegian singer. Her other songs were not like many other Disney stars with names like, “Running With The Wolves,” and “Murder Song.” Her favorite movie being, “The Hunchback of Notre Dam.

   Many messages were hidden throughout the film. Once again sisterly love was included but it also shows Elsa’s battle with anxiety and depression.  The Today show believes that the movie includes a song about Anna battling depression after believing her two of her beloved family members dying. She also pushed away Kristoff so she truly felt all alone. This movie truly was a tearjerker and you better bring a box of tissues with you. 

The film is done amazingly and if you have the spare time to see it, you definitely should. The whole cast and crew of the movie worked hard the full six years we’ve been waiting for it. I believe seeing it is 100% worth it.