Top 5 Best Shows That “Bingers” Everywhere Must Watch!

Anna McConnell, Staff writer

In this day of age, almost everyone knows the feeling of gripping the remote or electronic as you continuously hit the next episode button while watching a great show. The past year in particular has been very keen on developing incredible, action packed shows that have created an army of “Bingers” who aspire to keep their empire growing. Through research and my own personal views, I have created a list that is sure to satisfy anyone with the need to fill their minds with the drama and excitement of television.

    1. Stranger Things: Taking place in Hawkins Indiana, 1983, while on his way home, a young boy named Will Byers disappears near a secret laboratory. Between his friends afraid and desperate, mother slowly growing mad, and police searching restlessly for him, a supernatural force and a strange girl appear in Hawkins. Will they find Will and solve the mystery of the strange girl? Find out by watching Stranger Things on Netflix!
    2. Riverdale: Based on Archie Comics from 1941, Riverdale is based around a group of high school friends living in Riverdale, New York, trying to unravel a breathtaking, art stopping mystery of the recent death of one of their fellow classmates, Jason Blossom.
    3. The Vampire Diaries: Taking place in Mystic Falls, the Vampire Diaries focuses on a high school girl named Elena Gilbert who is stuck in a love triangle between two brother vampires, Damon and Stephan Salvatore. If you’re looking for romance, drama, and suspense, the Vampire Diaries is a great TV series to binge watch!
    4. The Politician: Starring Ben Platt, the Politician is based around a student who wants to be class president and hopes to one day be the president of the United States. He battles with depression, anxiety, and tragic past events. If you are interested in drama and music, the Politician would be a great TV series for you!
    5. The Witcher: Viewers are placed into the story with Geralt of Rivia, also known as the Witcher, who travels “the Continent” hunting monsters for coin. Despite his actions, Geralt always seems to come face to face with his destiny, but when trouble strikes will he fight it or accept it. Find out by watching “The Witcher” on Netflix today!

While these shows are both enjoyable and entertaining to binge watch, some of my most honorable mentions would be The Office, Jane The Virgin, and Grey’s Anatomy. While watching all three shows, I found that they exhibit both comedic features while also appealing to the viewers emotions and, in general, forming diverse story lines that I enjoyed very much.