Meme Review – Week Two

Mike McGarrigle, Writer

Meme One: World War 3

(Disclaimer: Before I start this review I want to make it very clear that this meme is purely a joke stemmed from some recent insecurities in the world government.)

It took the world by surprise, to say the least. When this issue was announced back on January 3, 2020, it certainly started off the new year with a jolt. It was announced that day that an airstrike had killed an Iranian military leader. While the conflict appears to be under control, Americans immediately began making humor out of it by talking about their “Battle Plans’’ for the war. Of course, this issue is very similar to the “Area 51” meme, which claimed that over 20,000 people were going to attack a military base. In reality, that obviously didn’t happen. Some 200 people hung out outside of the base and made conversation with the 3 or 4 guards who were standing at the gate. This is a good meme, don’t get me wrong: I enjoy some of the ridiculous plans people come up with to fight, such as, “place your Minecraft beds near the battlefield so you can respawn close.” However, due to the fact that it is a bit insensitive and maybe shouldn’t be discussed or posted about until the conflict calms down a little, this meme gets a bit of a lower rating.

Image result for world war three meme

I rate this meme a 5/10 because of its insensitivity, yet it is quite ridiculous and I must admit I’ve laughed at a few of its variations.


Meme Two: False Information 

This meme stems from a recent update added to Instagram. They have enforced companies and independent fact-checkers to figure out if the information people post is accurate information. If the information is false, it will cover the post with a screen that looks like the one on the right. However, this does not make the post un-viewable, it only makes it so that you have to choose to view it rather than be shown on the home page. This fact-check has been used continuously on Instagram to be put over actual facts to make a joke. I enjoy this meme, due to the fact that it pokes fun at Instagram’s overprotective nature. However, I feel like there aren’t that many of this meme type and most that I see are repetitive.

I put this meme at a rating of 6/10.