Minecraft Proms and Graduations? It’s a Thing!


Ally Storer, Writer


Now that the Coronavirus pandemic and social distancing is upon us, students are required to take online classes. Unable to see their friends, students have come up with new ways to stay in touch. Since school is closed, events like prom and graduation have been ripped away from seniors. However, students from around the globe are battling this by building their own schools in Minecraft, a video game where you can build anything.

Some students have spent hours at home to build their own to-scale versions of their school. Not only did they bond while building it, but students plan on hosting regular school events that have been canceled during this outbreak. By using a server on Minecraft, students can attend their own virtual prom, graduation, and many other events.

I, myself, have considered building our very own Shawnee High School in Minecraft as a way to pass time. I really enjoy building in Minecraft, and I feel like it would be an efficient way to spend my free time. There are even servers on Minecraft of Disney World. They’re all to-scale and even have rideable rides with custom items, like Mickey Premium Bars and soundtracks for the rides.

Although schools have to convert to online classes and students can’t see their friends in person anymore, Minecraft is a platform that can help bring students back together and give them their own memory-making occasions, even though they’ll be in pixels.