Streaming Services and Quarantine

Emmeline Weimer, Writer

In the light of recent events, many streaming services and On-Demand services have been pushing the release of feature films. Movies like, Trolls World Tour, Onward, and Frozen 2, are all available on one service or the next.

Disney was rumored to be putting Frozen 2 on Disney plus all the way in June. Because people are stuck at home, the movie releases the movie on March 14, an entire 3 months early. Many people were grateful for this movie and the movie ‘Onward’ was put on Disney Plus. Being a Disney Plus subscriber, I was grateful for that and not having to buy it. 

Disney created a new short called, At Home With Olaf, which is made entirely from the producers home, Josh Gad, the voice of Olaf, records the episodes at home. The animators animate it at their own houses. It similar to other series like “Forky Asks a Question” except, this series is available for free on YouTube.

In the past few weeks, more movies that were supposed to be in theaters have shown up. The movie Trolls World Tour cost twenty dollars for a forty-eight-hour rental. I feel like that’s a little much compared to Onward being free for Disney Plus subscribers. I know Amazon Video made more videos free for Prime Members.

Not to fright, Birds of Prey will also be available later this month on-demand. More movies like Dolittle, Sonic the Hedgehog, and I Still Believe are also going to be available, if not already, later this month. The release of Tiger King, a Netflix documentary, also blessed viewers at home. 

I think this is great because we are stuck at home but you also have to consider how much is this going to change the future movie industry. Are our movie theaters going to go extinct? Maybe more movies will skip being in theaters.