What are the New Student Life Instagram Accounts All About?

Ally Storer, Writer, Photographer

New Instagram accounts are on the rise. These accounts feature different forms of student life around school. Some examples include school sleepers, bad outfits, and random food items. These accounts are popping up all around the U.S., mostly at high schools. Of course, Shawnee is not exempt from this. I believe this is the next trend, after the previous “Devious Licks” was cracked down on. I wonder how the administration will crack down on these accounts? It seems like there’s more being created everyday. 

These all started with social media accounts showcasing the bad parking jobs students at their school’s made. These bad parking accounts spread very quickly and most high schools and colleges had their respective pages. Unfortunately, our Shawnee bad parking account can no longer be found. However, I believe that these parking accounts were the seed for all these new accounts.

All of these accounts can be found on Instagram. With a simple search of “Shawnee…” they will appear. Taking submissions, their posts mostly consist of pictures taken by students, for students. Student sleepers is a common theme, catching students found sleeping in class. Some other accounts are banana eaters. Although it sounds strange, Shawnee Bananas is one of the most popular of these accounts around school, from asking around the halls. “I like Shawnee Banana Cam because it encourages eating healthy, while enjoying yourself.” These are more tame topics, but unfortunately there are some more obscure accounts. One of these being compiled of people’s feet. I believe this is a very uncomfortable theme but fortunately, most of the posts on there are satire and the photos are taken by friends. From another student on the feet and toes topic, “Shawnee feet and toes is creepy and gross. We have a right to our own feet and who we share our feet with, my feet are mine!” Via Leah Lentz.

All these accounts arise the question, what will be the repercussions of these accounts? Has the administration been cracking down on these? How will they go about cracking down on these accounts. It seems like there are more being created every minute.