Adoption Records Release in NJ & PA

Eric Schubert, Editor

Adoption can be an extremely touchy topic, understandably. As a researcher who helps adoptees across the Tri-State Area uncover their biological family, I think it’s important to raise awareness for a topic that, personally, I don’t think is being covered well in the news at all – the full release of NJ & PA adoption records, after years of activism. This records release is vital to helping thousands of adoptees in these two states discover their biological roots, and some don’t even know they have been released. Every day, I come across adoptees looking to discover their family trees who have no idea records are out.

On January 1st, 2017, the state of New Jersey unsealed all adoption records after a law signed in 2014 finally went into effect. This was the result of over 30+ years of activism from adoptee rights organizations throughout the area and was met with great celebration.

A few months later, in December of 2017, that momentum propelled Pennsylvania to finally allow requests for full adoption records to be sent to adoptees after so many years, also becoming one of the states to unseal adoption records.

This is a milestone achievement that is being underreported in the mainstream media – the release of these records means allowing countless people to discover who they truly are.

In the time since, I’ve reunited several families, solved mysteries thought to be lost to time forever, and helped so many people discover their biological family trees. I’m thankful I have the opportunity to make such a difference in someone’s life, every day, and want to spread the word about this important records release.

Read about my experiences reuniting families as well here, written by Celeste Whittaker of the Courier-Post.

Are you an adoptee in NJ and want to get your birth records? Visit this link.

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