Do You Want To Save The Animals?


Maddey Becotte

Since the start of the year, Animal Welfare Club and Ms. Kirk’s Engineering and Architecture Classes have been running fundraisers in order to raise money for a special project for Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge.

Ms. Kirk’s classes have designed rehabilitation areas for animals brought to Cedar Run. Local contractors and engineers have been brought in to check the functionality of their plans, and construction companies have been contacted for any of scrap wood that can be used for the plans. A group will be going to Cedar Run on Senior Day of Service in May to finally build the pens. Shawnee’s very own Animal Welfare Club has been helping Ms. Kirk with fundraising in order to buy the necessary materials to create their design. That gives us only two more months to raise the money.

The fundraisers have ranged from Dine & Donates to t-shirt sales, and even selling mini stuffed animals on Valentine’s day. If you participated in any of these fundraisers, now you know what your money has been going to.

This project is very important to our community. Cedar Run takes in many animals who have been hurt and/or neglected. It is crucial that they have as many options as possible to help these poor creatures.