Renegade Review: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Alex Volkerijk, Writer

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the latest in the crossover franchise that takes gaming’s most iconic characters and throws them into a multitude of battle arenas. Unlike traditional fighting games, the objective is to send your opponents flying off the stage. Let’s see if the newest entry in the franchise lives up to the excitement.

The foundation of any fighting game is a fast pace and intense gameplay. Ultimate’s gameplay delivers in every aspect. Each of the characters has a unique move set and abilities which each have their own advantages and weaknesses in battle. Unlike in previous games, the balancing is no longer an issue. No character has an advantage over another.

Distinct arena and platformer fighting returns better than ever, making Smash Bros. different from any other fighting game. Unlike in traditional fighting games where players have to control the horizontal space between opponents, Smash Bros. requires mastery of 360 degrees of space around the fighter you are controlling.

Smash Bros. might be the best-looking game on The Nintendo Switch, with HD graphics, 60 frames per second gameplay, and the best character modeling of any Smash Bros. ever. In a fast paced and competitive fighting game, having a smooth and clean look is very important, and the game delivers on this completely.

Ultimate also includes the addition of Spirits, a new mechanic which allows multitudes of characters from different franchises which aren’t represented in the main roster of fighters to play a role in the game. Each spirit character has unique abilities and stats which affect battles with other spirit characters. In the adventure mode, the player has to travel around, freeing spirits inhabiting puppet fighters, and each battle is unique and requires a different approach.

Whether you want to battle your friends, hone your skills, or just have an amazing time, this game is for you.  Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a must have for every Nintendo Switch owner, and is a can’t miss title.