Shawnee wrestling scores big on Senior Night


Seniors (L to R) Matt Quinn, Alex Kokoilis Caden Mobley-McHenry, Jackson Harris, Alex Pollock, James Moriarty, Brett Balzan, Ethan Staples

Nick Cappello

Wednesday night’s Senior Wrestling Match proved a fitting send-off for our hardworking seniors, all of whom won. The Shawnee Renegades dominated their opponent, the 1-9 Cherry Hill East Cougars, by a score of 77-6, pinning all but 2 wrestlers.

Caden Mobley-McHenry shocked the crowd by pinning Brett Mooney. Tyler Aschim followed that up with a demolition of his opponent, throwing the crowd into a frenzy. Spectators were also delighted by pins from Alexander Kokolis, Matthew Quinn, Chris Ahrens, James Moriarty, and Luke Sherlock.

Lucas Estevez and Brett Balzan found themselves in more competitive matches, the former getting pinned and the latter winning 5-0.

The two quickest pins of the night came from Alexander Pollock (22 seconds) and Jordan Segal (28 seconds).

When asked for comment after the match, Caden Mobley-McHenry said, “I’m really proud of myself for putting the work in. Love my team. Love my seniors.”

Let’s hope Coach Packer’s Renegades keep the pin training rolling at Moorestown on Wednesday, January 25th.

To see photos of the match visit the Shawnee Photo Club website.