Editor-in-Chief Graduates


Our very own “Etter-In Chief,” Sean Etter, is leaving the Renegade Report this year to move on to college! A member since his sophomore year, Sean was unanimously elected Head Editor-In-Chief junior & senior year. His undying commitment to the Renegade Report and all its members deserves a special shout out before he moves onto what’s ahead. As Sean’s Co-Editors these past two years, we wanted to give that shoutout.

Sean has shown great prowess as both a reporter and editor-in-chief. He has always found time for the Report’s members and its mottofor the students, by the students. During his three years of dedication to the Renegade Report, we saw it evolve from a printed newspaper to the site it is today, and we are very grateful to Sean for the brilliant writing and guidance to other writers he has provided throughout. In his articles and editorials, he has followed the ebb and flow of school spirit across the years’ events, recommended book series, covered new clubs, kept us updated on security, commended Shawnee arts and performances, and so much more. In his organization and direction of the club, he has certainly set the bar high for editors after him.

We are confident that great things are in store for Sean and that his talents and leadership skills will carry him far in college and beyondwe’ll miss you, Sean!