Personal Parting Thoughts From A Senior

Eric Schubert, Editor

In what feels like the blink of an eye, my four years here at Shawnee High School are quickly approaching an end. With about three weeks to graduation, you bet I’m feeling a bit enamored! I just never thought my time would fly by so quick. There’s so much I’ve learned here at Shawnee, and so much I’m thankful for. With that, I just wanted to express a wide variety of random thoughts, thanks, and advice – advice that I thought would perhaps be beneficial to others.

(Be warned, it’s probably going to be very random!)


  1. For starters, I won’t be able to put strongly enough into words my appreciation for the one, the only, Mr. H. It’s not an understatement to say that my high school experience would have been vastly different if not for the words of advice and opportunities offered by Mr. H. For that, I’m forever grateful –  you should always know that teachers can change your life.
  2. On another personal note, thank you to all the teachers I’ve had here at Shawnee over the past four years. I’ve been extremely thankful to have had absolutely wonderful teachers in all areas. It was those teachers, and the LRHSD as a whole, that pushed me to pursue a field in education. A big thank you as well of course to Ms. Amy for being an awesome Newspaper advisor!
  3. Underclassmen, join a club. Especially you, incoming freshmen and upcoming sophomores – clubs allow you to find compatible friends and most of the time, guide you through high school.
  4. Teachers are there to help you, and encourage you to do your best. Don’t forget that as you go about your four years.
  5. I will say that my one regret in high school is not going to enough school events. Go to football games, go to fun events, and go to fundraisers! Show your school spirit, too.
  6. Lastly, this one seems simple – but, it rings true. Enjoy high school. Cherish it, treasure it, and always remember it – you only get one shot. Do it right!


Random, right? I warned you. And with that….I think that’s all I got.


Thanks for the memories, Shawnee! Three months to college move-in day.