Positive Effects of High School Sports


Ava Tucci, Writer

Shawnee is one of the major sports factories in the Burlington County School District. Many parade the halls in the logo that give a sense of pride like no other. There are a variety of sports at the school, but one of the major sports that many come to see is Shawnee football. The stands, packed with people from all grades are never silent during games and are constantly supporting the teams. And, it’s not just football. At many different games, there is always a group of Shawnee students cheering the teams on. For some, sports are their whole life, their ticket to college, the place where they feel at home, so how do high school sports help a students’ future?

By now, many of us have written about keeping our bodies healthy and fit, but it is still something that is a positive thing that can come out of sports. Not only will you be physically fit, but you will also be more mentally healthy. Studies show that when you work out, your body releases chemicals such as endorphins and serotonin that can reduce depression, anxiety, and can boost your mood. The people who do play sports are more likely to be in better moods are most days compared to those who do not. Mental health is a big issue in school, so involving yourself in an activity that can help your mood is one of many reasons to involve yourself in a sport. Being a part of a team in which everybody trusts each other is also a reason to play a sport. You will find yourself laughing with newfound friends that maybe you had never thought of being close with.

Another positive effect of high school sports is that colleges would like to see a well-rounded student. To get into a prestigious college, you must be at the top of your class, have high grades, and be the perfect example of an A+ student. However, most colleges will also be looking at what activities and sports a student is involved in. If two students are applying for a college at the same time, with the same resume, but one of them does sports and the other does not, the college is more likely to take the student who has participated in high school sports. Playing sports can also lead to scholarships, which lessen the debt students fall into later on in college.

Although sports can be quite a commitment, students learn how to manage their time better. By learning how to address the daily schedule, students can teach themselves how to manage a busy schedule. Homework can easily pile up, and studying can also take a good chunk out of the students’ nights. With their coaches by their sides, students can guide themselves into a routine that will allow them the ability to play on a team and get their homework done on time. However, if a student does fall behind in school, they should seek extra help from their teachers and talk to their coaches about their concerns.

Overall, there are many advantages to playing a sport. From a fit body and healthy mind to time management, and even college opportunities, there are many reasons to get into a sport. Students should not be afraid to try a new sport even if it is intimidating at first. High school sports can be intense, but they are a great way to get involved with the school and make new friends.