“I Will No Longer Stand for This”: #NoMore and the Restock

There are no more cookies in the school vending machines. This injustice is an act of sexism.

The lines for a true lunch are too long. Although it is free, it is costly in time. Furthermore, who wants a chicken patty at 10:30 on a Tuesday? Crazy people. Sociopaths.

I am humbly requesting in this editorial that students be allowed to use the staff vending machines when the ones in the C hall, gym, and cafeteria are running low.

There used to be more vending machines in the cafeteria. Where have they gone? Why are there no cookies in the one remaining? Furthermore, the “healthy” suck. Physical and mental health are equally important, yet we treat the physical health more important than my personal sorrow over seeing Cape Cod salted potato chips that have a painted beach on them and taste like real sand.

Today, BTS spoke at the United Nations on poverty and food inequality. I loathe to see what they would say about the deplorable situation with our vending machines happening alongside their video performance. Would Jimin cry, for there are no Lays potato chips? What about Jungkook? Would he weep at a poor girl’s hunger, underweight for her age (I’m single btw)? The situation is out of control. Why, if I seek cookies, are they not immediately availbale to me? I, as a teenage girl from Medford, am not used to not getting what I want immediately.

During cafe class, students are not permitted to get food nor are they permitted to do so much as eat their own. This is ridiculous. Why shouldn’t a student located in the cafeteria be permitted to eat? Even in times of Covid-19, surely this is a limit meant to be pushed. We have come so far since the era of the suffragettes that instead of force-feeding women we are preventing them from the quenching of their hunger. This starvation cannot and will not stand.

In America today, eating disorders are more prevalent than ever. When we discourage young women and men to eat by not restocking the vending machines ASAP, we risk the disorders getting worse and worse. Furthermore, this focus on healthy food just makes people sad. Michelle Obama left office. Food doesn’t have to be healthy anymore. Bring back Nabisco! Bring back potato chips that are outright terrible for your body!