New Teacher : Mr. Zach Baer

Sophia Paiste, Writer

Welcome to the Shawnee family, Mr. Baer!

Zach Baer is a new teacher here at our school, and he aims to make history fun and memorable.

Mr. Baer attended Rowan university and is currently unwed and without pets. He began adult his life popping popcorn and selling tickets at a movie theater. He attended Eastern High School. While there, Mr. Baer was a member of the baseball team, had a good high school career, and always liked his history and English classes.

Ever since his middle school history class, Mr. Baer knew his aspiration was to be a teacher of a history class that he would bring to life like his middle school teacher had. If he had not decided to become a teacher, Mr. Baer would’ve liked to work in a history museum.

Mr. Baer’s hobbies include running, playing music, cooking and watching movies and TV.

“Shawnee has been awesome so far,” Mr. Baer says. “Growing up in the area, I’ve always had a lot of respect for the school. It has certainly been everything I have expected and more.” He is quite fond of the area as well as our school!

He is currently running the World Affairs/Model UN club. He says that he really likes the students and teachers in the Shawnee community. “For anyone who goes here, they understand how fortunate they are to have both extremely qualified teachers and peers that make them better to compete in the world.”

Over the summer, he did freelance work as a writer and a historian. An important thing to know about Mr. Baer other than all the previous information is that he loves pizza. We hope you love Shawnee, Mr. Baer. Welcome to the Renegades!