Renegames 2018


Eric Schubert, Editor

Students of all ages and grades got together last Friday, May 5, 2018, in honor of the annual Renegames event — essentially a Shawnee spin off of an old classic, Field Day, that is held on the same day as the Prom. The half day was established years ago because students were taking half-days to ready themselves for the prom, so the administration turned it into a half-day of team building amongst the students. Students must attend that day of school in order to attend the prom in the evening

In the afternoon after all the students leave, the teachers participated in the Staff Renegames, also meant to build unity and morale.

In the end, the seniors won a close race against the juniors, sophomores, and freshmen, after all points earned during numerous athletic events were added up amongst the grades. However, the sophomores & juniors had a close rivalry this year! The freshmen, though, weren’t too successful in their endeavors at this year’s event.

This year, the rivalry between grades was just as fresh as any other. Spirit was high amongst the students and participants, and all student participants from all grades had their classmates cheering them on from the stands. Selected/volunteer students from all grades faced off against one another to win events that involved running, balance, races, and more — these events more specifically included an egg balance race, sack races, and other classic field day activities. Student photographers and videographers raced with the students, competing to get great action shots and poses from participants and those in the crowd alike.

The overall schedule of the day consisted of events out on the turf for a little over an hour, intermission which involved an open campus full of ice cream trucks, Chick-Fil-A, and more for a few hours, and another round of events out on the turf to close out the day. Movies were being shown inside the building, as well as chess, board games, and intense games of volleyball.

On the turf, the seniors won their overall victory in the last event of the day — Tug Of War, where they completely overcame their opponents and were overjoyed at their victory almost immediately. It was a great event as always for Shawnee, with students from all grades participating to show the upperclassmen or underclassmen who is best!