Senior Prom 2018

Sean Etter, Editor-in-Chief

That time of year has come and gone again. The Senior Prom, one of the most anticipated events in the life of any high schooler.

This year, the Senior Class of 2018 traveled to the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia to celebrate their final year of high school and spend the night dining and dancing with friends. The event began at 7 pm, but students began arriving long before, emerging from cars, limos, and the occasional party bus dressed to the nines in tuxedos and dresses.

Students were seated at tables on the second floor of the Constitution Center’s main atrium, where the students discovered breathtaking views of Philadelphia for the floor-to-ceiling windows of the second floor. Students also had an overhead view of the dance floor below.

After dining on various pastas, salads, and meat dishes, students took to the dance floor with their friends. The DJ played a variety of songs, which students had mixed opinions on. While some students enjoyed the choice of music, others wished that the songs selected had been better songs that they could dance to, rather than the slower beats of rap music.

All students could agree, however, that as the night went on, the music choice grew progressively better until it seemed that every student at the dance had taken to the floor.

While students were not allowed access to the entire constitution center, they were allowed to enter a room on the second floor that contained life-sized statues of all the men who were present at the signing of the Constitution, including Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Hamilton.

As the night finally drew to a close, students returned to their limos, buses, and cars to make the return journey home. This was not the end, however; it was only the beginning. Prom weekend starts with the dance and leads into Prom Houses. Many students traveled overnight Friday and early Saturday morning to the shore, where they spent the weekend with friends in Prom Houses rented for the weekend.

Many Seniors even took the day off on Monday in order to return home and rest up from the wild and fun weekend. Prom Weekend may be over, but it has left memories that Shawnee’s Seniors will keep with them forever.

Now, all that’s left for Shawnee’s Seniors is Graduation and Project Graduation.