Top 5 Things to Try During Corona-cation


Anna McConnell, Writer

We all now that during this pandemic, things can get pretty boring around the house. From fidgeting with a controller to staring at a screen all day, I think that it is time for a positive change in our lives. As students as well as individuals in this world, we have been told to put down the devices, try something new, and, perhaps, look deeper into ourselves during this confusing and frightening time, but in the long run, this task can be quite daunting.

My advice to those who are struggling in this time would be to take a step back and look at the big picture. Instead of dreading on what this epidemic has taken from us, focus on what we have gained as a whole. We, as a community, have grown closer and have, hopefully, gained a greater appreciation of social interaction. Mr. Rogers once said that “In times of trouble, look for the helpers”. This simple statement has come up time and time again when our world is in a panic.

While COVID 19 has taken away our ways, our customs, and even our own, we have come together as a society and punched right back at it and I believe that if we stay together, we can beat this epidemic. However, amidst the battle, it’s important for YOU to find a hobby!

  1. Try Some Art! 

No matter what materials you have, art is an easy way to make time fly by. From painting, drawing, and even sculpting, art is a great way to pass the time!

     2. Pull Out Some Board Games!

In times like these, putting aside the stress and having fun is rare. Pulling out some board games and playing with your family is a great way to relieve yourself of the commotion going on in our world.

     3. Volunteer Around Your Home!

Giving a helping hand to a sibling and parent/guardian is a great way to spend your time during this pandemic. Whether it is adding some extra chores to your list or making meals for your family, you can make an impact on your family by taking time to help out!

    4. Get Outside!

Getting outside the house and taking a walk, doing yoga, going out for a jog, or even sitting and reading a book is a great way to pass the time during this pandemic. It is a great way to make your day feel accomplished and make you feel healthy.

   5. Home Renovations! 

This is the best time to start conquering the things you always put aside. Perhaps you could use this time to clean out that closet you never felt like cleaning or painting that room that you always wanted to. This time is a great time to change up your home!