A nail biter for Shawnee girls basketball

Alyssa Lovallo, Sports Writer

There was a real nail-biter tonight, January 12 at Shawnee against our sister school, Cherokee.  The Shawnee Renegades had a tough loss to the Cherokee Chiefs with a final score of 30–35. The Renegades started off the game strong with Nicole Miller(21) nailing a 3 and the crowd went absolutely insane, giving the girls some confidence. Avery Kessler (15) and Nicole Miller (21) led the team in 3-pointers, each scoring one. Nia Scott (55), Avery Kessler (15), and Nicole Miller (21) absolutely dominated the game both on defense and offense, making the game look easy.  Nia Scott (55) led all scores with a total of 10 points, as well as leading the team in steals with 2. This was one of the most intense games, ending with the Shawnee leading 8-3. Taylor Tchou (2) killed it tonight with phenomenal defense and offense, keeping the Renegades close.  There was a huge Shawnee home crowd presence which kept a very persistent and positive attitude throughout the game. By halftime, the Renegades were tied with the chiefs 14 to 14, making it a tight game! Nicole Miller (21) and Taylor Tchou(2) were absolute beasts tonight in defense and made it very hard for Cherokee to even pass the ball, often causing turnovers.  Avery Kessler (15) and Nicole Miller (21) were often found punching in quick layups and creating turnovers on the other side of the court. Even though this was a tough loss for the Renegades, they will definitely grow from this and become an even stronger team going into their next game.